Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back from the Beach

I was having some problems with the Blogger the other day, otherwise I would have posted pictures sooner.

We had another good holiday. Our first week was spent at Bayley's Camping Resort in Pine Point Maine. Pine Point is only 2 mile from Old Orchard.

On the day we arrived, after setting up we decided to check out the surroundings. We found the Pine Point beach which was just 5 minutes away.

I love this picture of Mark and Jarad, looking at each other as if to say "Should you go first or shall I?"

Morgan and Ariel did not have any worries about who went first and both of them plunged right in.

This is our site at Bayley's, Deer Run 62. The sites were fairly big. Our neighbors were close by, but you still felt you had privacy. We were also close to one of the pools, the camp store, craft area and mini putt.

This is another favorite picture of the night we went on a walk to catch crabs. We were in a little cove where the fishing boats were parking for the night.

And here we are at Bayley's making ty-dyed tee shirts. They had a ton of activities going every day if you just wanted to hang around the campground.

More to come!


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