Thursday, August 24, 2006

Parc Safari

Yesterday we spent the day at Parc Safari with a group of friends.

We met some interesting creatures in the drive through:

Inside the entrance was this mime who balanced a spinning ball on the kids fingers.

"...awhemawah, awhemawah, the lions sleeps tonight.."

We also ran into another bunch of strange creatures. They were friendly though!

The peanuts were a big hit in the deer forest

Two bathing beauties in the Magic Creek, Ariel and her friend Megan

And here's Ariel on the waterslide. It was a little cold to swim for too long though

This is the gang of kids:

Ariel, Shea, Emma, Megan and Faith

Morgan and Katie wanted an elephant to themselves

Had a wonderful day, but were all tuckered out once we got home


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