Saturday, January 06, 2007

Our Saturday, January 6, 2007

Today started off with no plans, but ended up being pretty busy.

In the morning, I gave Sherri's mom a lift, then visited with my mom, and then went out for brunch with Ariel at Canada Drive-in.

When Ariel & I got home, Morgan joined us, and we headed to the West Island. Our first stop was the scout shop. Morgan had received a $50.00 coupon as a prize from his popcorn sales. He bought a few stuffed animals, a miner flash light, and some other toys.

After shopping we went to a parking lot on 55th near the airport, to watch the airplanes come & go. I had heard about it on the following site:

I took a few pictures:

About a dozen other cars had had the same idea as us, but there was lots of room in the lot for us. After taking a few pictures, we hit the road again and stopped at Randy and Marie-ClaudeƂ’s place for some tea and cookies.

Once the tea & cookies were gone, we drove a few blocks further for a visit with Marc Brassard and family. The kids went to play with the Christmas toys, and I had a beer and caught up with Marc and Felicia.

You might think our journey was done, but you would be wrong :)

After leaving the West Island, the kids wanted to see the Ogilvy window again, so we drove into Montreal so the kids could see all the creatures in the window. Then we drove to Philips Square for some roasted chestnuts, but the stand was closed for the day. We continued up the mountain, and walked to the water at Beaver Lake, and then stopped at the scenic overlook, before driving to St Joseph's oratory.

We headed home for some supper, before putting away the Christmas decorations and taking Jarad, and the dog for a walk to Metro to pick up some cat food and try out Morgan's new light. Along the way we found some fallen branches which Morgan dragged home, and we chopped up, and burned in the fireplace.

We don't have plans for Sunday, so we'll have to wait and see what the day brings

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