Monday, September 04, 2006

The Sunday of Labour Day

On Sunday morning, Cathy and Kenny suggested we try out a restaurant they knew called Sugar & Spice which made outstanding pancakes.

Morgan sure liked his pancakes and in true Scooby and Shaggy style used his straw to slurp up a little more maple syrup.

We spent a good part of the day following Cathy's family in their new PT Cruiser. We decided to go check out the Ben and Jerry's factory near Stowe. Drove along the back roads and listened to great music over the walkie talkies.

Here we are at Ben and Jerry's waiting for the tour to start.

You go and see how the factory works, but the highlight of the trip is the free samples at the end. This is Jennifer, Cathy and Kenny daughter, with her best ice cream face.

Since we were so close to Stowe, we had to go and re visit some favorite spots. One of these is Cold Hollow Cider which makes amazing Apple butter, cider jelly, cider mustard, assorted jams, and so on. We bought some treats to take home and some cider doughnuts for the road.

Next stop was the haunted covered bridge, a.k.a. Emily's bridge. The story goes that long ago a girl named Emily was waiting for her beau so they could elope. When he never showed, she hung herself from the bridge and some say she is still there....

Mark and Jarad were not too concerned about the ghost when they went down to poke in the spring under the bridge.

Morgan and Ariel, however, had to show their most terrified faces

We also checked out part of the Stowe Recreational path. Here are Lauren (Cathy's oldest) and Ariel. Some may be shocked to know that Morgan jumped right in the water and was soaked to the bone.

Other highlights of the day were exploring the Smugglers caves at the top of the Notch and having "Lupper" at Pie in the Sky restaurant.

At the end of the day we drove back to camp, but took a brief stop at a pretty waterfall we spotted along the road side.

Had a great day and good weekend. Now we are getting ready to store the trailer for the winter since we don't think we'll be going away again.


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Joyce & Ken said...

I'm glad you had a fun trip,loved the waterfalls and those scary faces.Love Grandma