Friday, March 09, 2007

Trip to Ottawa - Arrived at Jenny's Place

On Tuesday the kids and I drove to Ottawa to spend a couple of days with my friend Jennifer Joyce. Our March Break is this week.

The day was very cold, but the roads were dry and clear so we arrived in good time around 3:30pm. For supper we ordered some pizza. Jen had made chocolate cupcakes for dessert and here is Morgan getting ready to eat his chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing and pretzels (I think he has been watching too much Shaggy and Scooby):

Jen had also got the kids a treat and bought them some Pop Rocks, a candy that you put in your mouth and it fizzles and pops. Morgan and Ariel sure thought it was cool:

Jarad, on the other hand, wasn't too sure about this weird stuff we put on his tongue:

Here is Jenny in her kitchen:

The kids watched a movie and then we all went to be to get a good rest for the next day's adventure.


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